Anderson Braided Hair Styles

Anderson Braided Hair Styles

What is the one thing that you have to worry about every single day? Your Anderson Braided Hair Styles! Most of us do not step out of the house until our hair is perfect. Additionally, wha tis better than having a hair style that you can wear for weeks or even months without worrying about up keep. There is no one way to braid your hair, you can choose wavy textures, patterns, clips, and more. Every small detail can give you a unique look.

It is said that braids have been in style through many cultures since 2000 b.c. Throughout the past, braids have been known to symbolize power. In Ancient Greece, affluent woman would spend hours creating intricate twists and curls to show off their position in society. In modern times, braided Style are seen in fashion shows, red carpets, and movies, and more! Let yourself feel like royalty by contacting one of our hair braiding specialists. Here at, Ramas Hair Braiding offers many different braiding styles. Our stylists are skilled with all ages and hair types.

Popular Anderson Braided Hair Styles

The most popular styles in African Braided Styles are low braided buns, twisted robe braids, and wrap around braids with flowers. Have you been looking your the best style for hair style? We are here to help you find the new popular style to be able to get you the attention you deserve.

Anderson Braided Hair Styles with BunBraided Buns- This style is a great way to create an elegant look without too much hassle. This is a great style to be able pair with most clothing choices and is great for women of all ages.

Goddess Braids- These braids are heavy cornrows that can last for as long as week. These are perfect for the braided beginner.

Half Updo with Hanging Braids-  Long braids have become extremely popular within the last decade, and there is no better way to spice up this look than with creating a half-updo.

Snake Braids-  If you are looking to experiment with your braiding style, this style is perfect for you. The snake braid gives you more versatility than your average cornrow!

Boxer Braided- If you prefer low maintenance hair styles or are active, these braids are perfect for you.This stye is also known as “dutch braids” or “double french braids”.

Poetic Braids-  Back in 1990, this style became very popular, because of the great Janet Jackson. Just like clothes, hair style trends tend to repeat themselves every twenty to thirty years. This look is a very soft and romanic choice for your hair style.

Braids with Color-  Trendy hair color, such as blues, reds, and greens, have become wildly popular for any hair style. With all of our braids, you can add a level of WOW by adding so bright colors.

Braids with Accessories-  Not only are colors becoming popular, braids with accessories like beads or clasps are popping up everywhere!

Why Choose our Anderson Braided Hair Styles?

Whether you want traditional dreadlocks that last for years, or unique twits and updos, our hairstylists are here for you. If you are able to bring in an image of the style you are looking for, we will be able to accomplish them for you. For the last 15 years, our salon has provided the most relaxing environment possible. We offer guarantees on all of our styles. If your braids fall out within three days while following our care instructions, we will redo your braids at no cost. We want you to believe in Ramas and your hair style. We take pride and all of our work, and want to add you to our hair braided family. Even though your appointment could take a bit of time, we will be sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Schedule Your Anderson Braided Hair Styles Appointment

We know that here are many options of salons to get your hair styled at; however, there is only one Ramas Hair Braiding Salon. We understand that your hair style with make you more confident day in and day out; therefore, we want to be sure to give you a style that you will be proud of. We ask that each of our clients schedule a consultative appointment. During this appointment, we will go over your hair type and the best practices for the best upkeep to your braiding styles. We want to help you make your style last as long as possible! Once you visit our salon, you will become part of our ever growing family.