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Ramas Hair Braiding is a professional salon that specializes in braiding. Whether its long braids, short twists, or high-quality dreadlocks, the professional stylists at Ramas are here to help. Finding a salon that can accomplish your new look is worth the hunt. That’s why many of our Fishers Hair Braiding clients make the trip to our salon at 5050 East 38th Street in Indianapolis.

At Ramas, we want to make sure you look your best in your new braids. Getting braids done is big time commitment so you want them to last for weeks. That’s why we guarantee that your braids will hold, and if you follow our care instructions and they start to come apart within three days of your appointment, we’ll fix them for free! Contact us today to schedule your braiding appointment today.

How To Maintain Your New Fishers Hair Braiding Look

Whether you’ve had your hair braided before or not, we at Ramas always aspire for you to have a comfortable and happy experience. If you’ve gotten braids done before at a different Fishers Hair Braiding salon and weren’t happy with the results, we have a few ideas as to why. Follow our tips for maintaining your hair before and after your braiding appointment and you’ll love your new look.

Blonde and Carmel Braids

1 – Don’t Braid Back To Back

If your hair is currently braided, but you’re itching to switch it up, give your head a break. Braids can stay in for almost 12 weeks with proper care, but we recommend keeping your braids in for 8 weeks at most. After 8 weeks you might make your hair and scalp dehydrated. After you take your braids out, it helps if you let your hair recover naturally for a week before your next appointment. This helps relieve some of the stress your hair has endured. If you schedule your next appointment at the conclusion of your hair braiding, make sure you give yourself a week of time for your hair to relax.

Before visiting Ramas for your Fishers Hair Braiding appointment, be sure to wash and detangle your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. This will make your hair smooth and easy to style.

Braids with Blue and White Colors

2 – Have A Style In Mind And Make An Appointment

When you call Ramas, we ask that you have a style in mind. The more prepared you are, the better we can estimate time and a price for you. Our stylists are experienced professionals and can talk through some style options for you. Show us your favorite Pinterest or Instagram pictures to help us get an idea of what you’re going for.

If you are looking for long braids, but don’t have long hair, then you will need extensions. Our stylists can recommend brands for extensions. You can buy some through us, or you can bring your own. We recommend looking for extensions made for braiding if you’re not sure you can afford high-quality extensions.

Muncie African Hair Braiding

3 – Wear A Headscarf While You Sleep

A braiding appointment can sometimes take hours. After you’re done with your Fishers Hair Braiding appointment, you’ll probably want to take a nap. Our recommendation to all of our customers to maintain their braids is to wear a satin headscarf to bed.

Hair often gets damaged from friction. Rubbing and being tangled by the wind or ourselves when we shake our heads. When you sleep, you can’t really control your head and your pillow can cause damage to your hair as you toss and turn. Keeping your hair in place and in a soft fabric will reduce the friction your hair experiences overnight.

Big Twist Braids

4 – Clean Your Braids Properly

Some people think braids and dreadlocks are dirty. They’re only dirty if you don’t take care of them. Although you don’t wash your hair in the shower like you traditionally would, there are still ways to keep your head clean when you have braided hair.

We recommend wearing a shower cap in the shower to keep your braids dry as long as possible. You will also want to avoid swimming. When you need to wash your braids, we recommend using a water-based mousse. Apply mousse to your braids, pull your braids into a low ponytail and tie them down with a silk or satin scarf. In about an hour, your braids will be smooth and fresh. Use grapeseed oil afterward to prevent a mess.

Kids Braided UpDos

5 – Clean Your Scalp and Edges

Keeping your scalp clean is a must when your hair is in braids. If you have tight braids, everyone will be able to see your scalp. Prevent buildup and oil on your head with a scalp by cleansing your scalp with witch hazel. Making a spray at home is easy with witch hazel, tree oil, lavender oil, and distilled water.

After your Fishers Hair Braiding appointment, your scalp might feel tight and sore. Braiders can sometimes pull hair without realizing it which can cause headaches later. The edges of your hairdo are pulled very tightly, so it helps to relax them. Using a little coconut oil can help your style and your sanity. Don’t use it every day, and make sure it’s alcohol-free.

Large Box Braids

6- Trim Fly Aways

If you have extensions in your hair, after the fusing process they might crate fly away hairs in your braids. Your stylist should trim them for you, but if you notice them afterwards, get some shears and trim them yourself to keep your hair looking great

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Contact Ramas today for your Fishers Hair Braiding appointment. Have your style in mind and your calendar open to block out some time. If you love your new do, be sure to tell all your friends that you went to Ramas.