Greenwood Popular Braiding Styles

At Rama’s African braiding salon, we offer a wide variety of popular braiding styles. We know that the way you wear your hair is a reflection of your personality – whether you’re flirty and fun, bold and rebellious, sleek and sophisticated, or chill and laid-back, there’s a popular braiding style just for you.

The stylists at Rama’s are perfectly suited to help bring out your personality with your new braiding styles; all of them are highly-skilled with years of popular hair-braiding experience. They’ll work with you to find the braiding style that’s just right for you, guaranteeing that when you leave our salon, you’ll absolutely love the way you look.

If you’d like to consult with one of our Ramas stylists about your next popular braiding style, we invite to make an braiding appointment by calling 317-496-8229. We also welcome walk-ins during our regular business hours of 9:00AM – 6:00PM Mondays through Saturdays and 10:00AM – 4:00PM on Sundays.

Greenwood Popular Braiding Styles We Offer

The talented stylists at Rama’s offer all the latest Greenwood Popular Braiding Styles, such as:

  • Cornrow braids
  • Box braids
  • Ghana braids
  • Lemonade braids
  • Poetic braids
  • Havana twists
  • Senegalese twists
  • Nubian twists
  • Micro braids
  • French braids
  • Crown braids
  • Jumbo braids
  • Braided buns
  • Beaded braids
  • Ombre braids

…and more

If you’d like to see examples of the many popular braiding styles we offer, feel free to check out our braiding styles portfolio online. All you need to do is click the “Portfolio” button conveniently located at the top of this page. The stylists at Ramas have lots of experience in the popular braiding styles you’re looking for!

beautiful hair by Ramas Hair Braiding

Benefits of Braiding Creative self-expression is a great reason to consider our popular braiding styles, but there are a lot of additional benefits that come with braiding, including:

braids by Ramas Hair Braiding

1. Braids are Low Maintenance

One of the biggest perks of having braids is how easy they are to take care of. You no longer have to worry about intensive daily styling; all you need to do is keep your braids moisturized and cover them up at night. And just like that, your hair is taken care of!

up top view of braids by Ramas Hair Braiding

2. Braids Save You Time

Because braids are so easy to take care of compared to other hair styles, you end up saving a considerable amount of time each day. Gone are the days of getting up early to make sure your hair style looks good; with one of our popular braiding styles, all you have to do is get up and your braids are ready to go!

back view of braids by Ramas Hair Braiding

3. Braids are a Versatile Style

You might like to show off your gorgeous braids by wearing them down on most days, but you’ll probably want to change it up from time to time. The good news is that with braids, you’re able to have many different popular styles. 

4. Braids are a Protective Hair Style

Another great perk that comes with a braided hair style is that it keeps your natural hair protected. Since you won’t be applying chemicals, blow drying your hair, or using a lot of styling products for several weeks, your natural hair gets a to take a nice, long vacation.

5. Braiding Improves Hair Quality

The additional protection offered by braiding also affects the quality of your hair. You won’t have nearly as much breakage and dryness as you did prior to braiding. The difference will be especially noticeable once your braids have reached the end of their lifespan – you’ll find that your natural hair is a lot softer and more supple than it was before.

6. Braids Help Your Hair Retain Its Growth

If you’d like to grow your natural hair out a bit longer, braiding can help you achieve that goal. Because your hair is in better condition with less breakage, you’ll be able to hang on to the length that you gain while your braids are in.

How to Care for Your Hair Braids Once You Leave the Salon

With all these amazing benefits, you have every reason to give our Greenwood Popular Braiding Styles a try. To take the first step toward an amazing new braiding style, just give us a call at 317-496-8229. You can also come see us in person at 5050 East 38th Street Suite #2 in Indianapolis.