Indiana Braiding Salon

Ramas Indiana Braiding Salon has over 15 years of experience in the Indianapolis area. Our professional salon braiders have the skill to work with all ages and hair types. We want to be able to design your perfect braiding style that are affordable for you. We provide or clients with the more exquisite customer service and the most premiere environment at our salon. We create the best quality braids for the most affordable prices. We want you to be proud of the style that we create for you. We want you to leave feeling like family; therefore, we guarantee all of our styles. If your braids fall out within 3 days of your visit or if you do not like your style, we will restyle your braids at no cost to you. You should be proud of the style that you will be wearing everyday.

Our salon is known as the top African braiding salon in all of Indiana and the surrounding areas. Our salon is located in Indianapolis, Indiana off of Emerson Ave. and 38th Street, right within the Crossroads of America. We have worked with thousands of well pleased customers throughout our years of service. When you visit our salon, you are greeted with the most relaxing environment during your whole visit. Come visit our Indiana salon and enjoy the best hair braiding experience within Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. We cannot wait to see you soon!

french braids from Ramas hair braiding salon

Your Trusted Indiana Braiding Salon

Our skilled Indiana salon will be able to give you the best service and products what ever your hair type and age. We will cater to your every styling need. We want you to adore coming to our Indiana salon to receive your perfect braid or style. We offer variety of braids, weaves, twists and, more. No matter your hair type, we will be able to help create your desired style. We will also let you know of styles that you may want to avoid.  To see more of our work, you can look at our portfolio, here.

Before we style your hair, we set up a consultation to be able to learn more about you, your hair, and what you are looking for in your styling needs. We will also talk about how to properly take care of your particular style. Our salon stylists can also take a photo and bring it to life with your new style. We want you to be as educated as possible to be able to care for your hair properly. This is extremely important during Indiana’s humid summers. If your hair is not properly taken care of, you could damage your hair in the long run. You can find out more about our salon braiding specialties below.

Our Indiana Braiding Salon Styles

We specialize in a variety of different styles. When you leave our Indiana salon, you will love your new hair style. You can read more about our braiding styles, here:

Dreadlocks are created by matting or braining your hair. This style is great for styles that you want to last a long time. You can get weeks, months, or even years out of dreadlocks.

Corn Rows are braided close to the scalp. For this style, you may want to set aside plenty of time. Corn rows can take a few hours to be able to perfect your desired style. The ends can lay flat or we can keep them open to be able to place them in twists or ponytails.

French Braids are great for all ages and hair types. This style can be worn in natural and relaxed styles for more dimension.

Box Braiding is styled by dividing small squared parts/boxes that can be braided in individual plaits.

Individual Braids are a great transition from relaxers to natural.

Micro Braiding is one of the most common of all the braiding styles. These braids can be styled straight, wavy, or curled.

Tree Braids are used to add extension to your hair.

Twists are a great substitute for traditional braids. This style is great for new comers to braiding.

Cornrow Styles

Contact Our Indiana Braiding Salon

Are you ready for our Indiana Braiding Salon to give you a fresh new look? Contact a stylist at Ramas Hair Braiding Salon in Indiana to be able to request your first consultation appointment. During this appointment we will help you determine the perfect style to fit all of your hair needs. We want to to leave feeling like family; therefore, you will have the best service from the moment you arrive at our Indiana salon. We cannot wait to get started with you.