Lawrence African Hair Braider

Lawrence African Hair Braider

Are you thinking about changing up your look? Then check out Lawrence African Hair Braider, and Ramas Hair Braiding. Our expert stylists have the talent and expertise to give you the exact look you’ve been searching for.

Hair braids are one of the most beautiful and versatile hairstyles around. They’re also great for protecting your natural hair if you’re trying to grow it longer and prevent breakage. Braids come in a wide variety of designs making them suitable for everyone; men, women, and children of all ages are sure to find a braiding design that matches their personality and unique sense of style.

If you know what braiding style you’re after and are ready to make an appointment, just give us a call at 317-496-8229 or fill out our online booking form. Walk-in appointments are also available; you can stop in any time between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday or 10:00 AM – 4:00PM on Sundays. If you’re not sure what style would be a good fit for you, we’ve provided a few suggestions below.

Ramas One Most Popular Lawrence African Hair Braider

The way you wear your hair reflects your sense of self. What type of style best displays your personality and fashion sense? Are you bold and daring? Soft and romantic? Smart and mature? Fun and playful?

Whatever your personality is like, you’re sure to find a style to match. Here are a few of the Lawrence African Hair Braider‘s most popular braiding options:

Our Favorite Lawrence Braiding Styles

Long Cornrows with accessories


Always a classic choice, cornrows never seem to go out of style. Cornrows got their name from the straight, neat rows of tight braids running from back to front along the scalp – like uniform rows of corn in a field. But cornrows aren’t limited to a specific direction or thickness; they can be configured in a variety of widths and patterns, making them an extremely versatile style.

Side braid updos

Side Braids

If you’re looking for braids that are modern, chic, and striking, side braids would be an excellent choice for you. The side braid hairstyle starts with cornrows running along on one side of your head with braids hanging down loose on the opposite side. You can also add extensions at the end of the braids to create a look that’s even more unique and stylish.

Long Snake Braids

Snake Braids

If you want a style that’s bold and unique but you’re not quite ready for a mohawk yet, then give snake braids a try. Snake braids are another type of cornrow that doesn’t follow the standard front-to-back straight lines. Instead, snake braids form a long S shape that runs all the way from your forward, over the top of your head, and down to the nape of your neck.

Criss Cross Braids with color added

Criss-Cross Braids

One of the many variations of cornrows are criss-cross braids. These braids are formed by making a lattice-like pattern of cornrows that run diagonally across your head. The cornrows are typically pretty small, but you can also choose thick goddess-like criss-cross braids to switch up the style. These braids are a great choice if you want a style that’s unique but not too bold.

top view of mohawk braids

Mohawk Braids

Mohawk braids were designed for those who want to command attention wherever they go. There are several ways to achieve a mohawk braid; it can be one single large braid in the middle of your scalp, cornrows running straight up each side of your head towards a cascade of braids that falls down the back, or cornrows on the side leading up to curly natural-looking extensions. Whichever mohawk you choose, this distinct style will certainly have you turning heads!

long passion twists

Passion Twists

Passion twists have an artsy, romantic feel to them. Created in 2018 by a Miami-based stylist, these braids have quickly taken social media by storm. Passion twists look like a cross between goddess locs and Senegalese twists; they’re a great match if you want a look that’s a bit on the bohemian side.

Come to Ramas for the Best Lawrence African Hair Braider

Braid style selection is such a personalized choice; it’s important to find a hair stylist you trust to give you the specific look you’re after. For beautiful braiding styles from the best Lawrence African Hair Braider in the business, come to Ramas. We’re conveniently located on the corner of Emerson and 38th Street in Indianapolis. Drop-in anytime during regular business hours or give us a call at 317-496-8229 to schedule a consultation or appointment.