Professional Michigan Hair Braiding Salon

Ramas Hair Braiding
has over 15 years of Michigan Hair Braiding experience. With our amazing customer service experience, it is easy to see why our clients drive to Indianapolis to visit our salon. Our professional hair braiders can work with all ages and hair types. All of our work is your own personal masterpiece. Not only will you get your own masterpiece, you will get it at an affordable price. Our stylists pamper you with the most relaxing environment, for the best customer service experience.

We are your prestigious African American hair braiding salon, in the Indianapolis area. Our dedicated clients do not mind driving from Michigan to experience our superior customer service and the best hair braiding in the midwest. You hair is one of the easiest ways to give a statement about yourself. You do not want to forfeit your style for, so choose the best!  We give a satisfaction guarantee for all of our braiding. If you do not like your hair style or your braids fall out within 3 days of your visit, we will fix your hair at no charge! You are family from the first time you visit our store, we want to make sure that you come back to visit every opportunity you get! Do not let the drive scare you, we are located at the Crossroads of America only a short road trip away!

Our Distinguished Michigan Hair Braiding

Our superior stylists are able to cater to your every desire. We are able to duplicate almost any style you are after. We are able to braid all hair types. Our employees make sure you are pampered throughout your full visit. We are able to complete many types of styles such as braids, twists, weaves, and more! We love to have a first consultation to go over the desires for you new style and how we can create the masterpiece that you desire.

Before every style, we educate our clients on the everyday up keep of your braiding. One way we do this is we give tips on how to prevent the Michigan humidity from damaging your braiding. We will also discuss hair styles that will help your hair prosper. Our main goal with our education process is to save the hassle of visiting the salon every 2 weeks. We want to do what ever we can to make sure you have the best experience that is out there. We do not take any shortcuts when creating your dream look.

What will your braided hair style be?

  • Corn Rows- These braids can be worn for days, week, and even months with proper care. This style is done close to the scalp. Set aside some time for this visit, corn rows can take a few hours to get the perfect look for you. Your corn rows can be open or flat at the ends depending on if you place them in a ponytail or a twists.
  • Dreadlocks- Depending on the upkeep of your hair, this style can be worn for weeks at a time. Dreadlocks are created with rope like strands that are matted or braided.
  • French Braids- This style is perfect for most hair types and can create dimensions for all hair types.
  • Micros- This is the most common style at Ramas Hair Braiding Salon. Your braids can be wavy, straight, or curly.
  • Tree Braids- This style is the most protective of all of the braiding styles. When installing extensions, three braids are used and are hidden. Tree braiding can save valuable time during the installation of extensions.
  • Individuals- This style is a great way to transition your hair to natural from relaxers. Individual braiding are designed individually.
  • Twists- This style is a great look for braid beginners. This is a great alternative from traditional braiding.
  • Box Braids- Box braider are divided by small parts or boxes, and are generally separate plaits.

Visit Our Michigan Hair Braiding Salon

You’ll never have to question whether the drive to Indianapolis was worth it with our amazing customer service. Our braiding stylists will help you out with all of your braiding and product needs. We are here to ensure that you get the best education of your hair type to be sure that your style lasts as long as possible. It is the best time to set up your appointment and get your perfect style! We cannot wait to add your style to our ever growing braiding gallery. We cannot wait to meet you!