4 Reasons to Get a Weave

The stylists at Ramas Hair Braiding offer more than just braiding. We want our patrons to find the hairstyle that best matches their unique personality and sense of fashion. That’s why we provide our customers with a wide variety of hair care options, including weaves.

Not sure if a weave is the way to go? Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider a weave:

  1. Weaves Give You Long Hair on Demand

If you’re eager to have long hair but you don’t want to wait, weaves are the perfect option for you. Growing your hair out takes a really long time – who has the patience for that!? With a weave, you can get a long hairstyle now while still growing out your natural hair.

  1. Weaves Provide Variety

When you get a weave, you’re able to choose from many different options. What color hair do you want? What texture would you like your hair to be? Do you want your hair to be long, short, or somewhere in between? With a weave, you get to make all of these choices, customizing your hair exactly the way you want it.

  1. Weaves Are Long-Lasting

Weaves aren’t one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” type hairstyles. Once your weave is in, it’s going to stay put for a while. In fact, weaves can last up to two and a half months when properly cared for. So if you’re looking for a hair style that can hold up over time, a weave just might be the perfect choice.

  1. Weaves Can Help Give Your Natural Hair a Rest

If treated properly, your natural hair can actually benefit from having a weave. While the weave is in place, your hair gets to enjoy a break from blow-drying, straightening, relaxing, curling, and other forms of torture. 

What to Expect from Ramas Hair Weave Services

The stylists at Ramas Hair Braiding use the sew-in method for weaves. The first step to completing a sew-in weave is to braid your natural hair. Once the initial braiding is finished, the hair extensions will then be sewn seamlessly into your hair by our expert stylists.

The entire process usually takes about two hours to complete. That’s a small price to pay for beautiful hair, right?

Please be aware that we do not sell hair; customers need to purchase the extensions they want to use before coming to the salon.

When shopping for hair before your salon visit, you’ll see that there are several varieties available in the marketplace including synthetic hair, human hair, and virgin hair. If you’d like specific recommendations for what brand or type to buy, feel free to contact our stylists at 317-496-8229.